The Little Black & White Book Project review

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Recently, I have been very lucky to receive the most beautiful box of books from Ruth Bradford, who owns The Little Black & White Book Project. Ruth is a Bristol-based Mummy and entrepreneur, who publishes black and white animal illustrations for babies and toddlers. She combines her love for animals with her passion as a parent and to share her …

Combatting Early Morning Waking

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After my super successful recent Instagram Live on Early Morning Waking, I promised I would run through some of the most useful tips and techniques I use, all trialled and tested with many clients over the years. The way in which you approach the early waking of your child will, of course, depend on their age so, below, I have …

Online Baby Sleep & Routine Course

Heidi Skudder Baby Sleep, Parenting

If you follow me on social media, then you may have seen that on March 1st I launched a super duper new product and I took a very exciting step in my business by producing the Online Baby Sleep & Routine Course. I wanted to take the time to write about this process and record why I have set it …

Becoming a Mummy – Second Time Over!

Heidi Skudder Parenting, Pregnancy

For those of you who already have a second or even third baby, you will appreciate that this blog is being squeezed in amongst a never-ending to-do list, whilst having a toddler demanding every minute of your attention! Much like the second baby that is growing in my tummy, the attention still focuses much on the 1st child – rather than …

Fall Back; How to Prepare your Little Person for the Winter Clock Change

Heidi Skudder Baby Sleep

Winter is fast approaching (although it is still up to 18 degrees in the day this week which seems a little mad for this time of year!), and this means not only Halloween, Fireworks and Christmas, but also the clock change! Uhoh! Something that many of my lovely clients worry about, particularly when they have spent so long getting their …

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Reflux Diagnosis and Symptoms

Heidi Skudder Baby Sleep, Breastfeeding, Parenting

The reflux journey is long and for some clients can be a really difficult and frustrating time. As parents we are given little knowledge of our baby’s digestive development and issues from the beginning and therefore trying to negotiate around the process of diagnosis and finding out what is causing babies reflux can be exhausting. Many babies will have some …

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Saving the Environment – One nappy at a time!

Heidi Skudder Parenting

Review of the Kit and Kin nappy brand I started 2018 a lot more mindful of our family impact on the environment, having had a baby very recently. Not only that, but Veganuary was kicking off, and social media was awash with pictures of sea life dying from plastic consumption from a recent Blue Planet episode. It is hard not …

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Patiently Pumping – Our Pumping Journey!

Heidi Skudder Breastfeeding, Parenting

I was very keen on pumping alongside breastfeeding from the very word go as I wanted my husband to be involved with bedtimes, therefore pumping enough during the day time to give him a bottle in the evenings. When Rupert was born, I soon realised that pumping would be a much bigger part of my day for a long while …