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Heidi Skudder, the Parent and Baby Coach

Heidi has over 15 years experience working closely with parents during the first few important years of their children’s lives. Having spent time working as a Nanny, Maternity Nurse and Baby Sleep Consultant, Heidi has seen parenting from a variety of angles. Having had a baby boy in November 2017, Heidi now has the complete picture of parenthood and is even more keen to help others on their journey…

An Interview with Heidi…

What was the reason for setting up The Parent and Baby Coach?

I moved to London 8 years ago, and realised there was a huge need for good quality baby sleep consultants and advice for new parents, but from someone that they can trust, with experience and qualifications.

Why would clients choose your baby sleep consultant services and parenting workshops over other professionals offering a similar service?

95% of my clients are referred to me by word of mouth, which really shows how important it is that you work with someone that you can trust. I believe I offer a service that really promises to create change in the area parents are looking for help with. My follow up support is a hugely important part of the packages I provide and I am passionate about helping my clients get to where they want to be, no matter what that means I have to do.

People often ask how you can understand what a parent is experiencing, when you don’t have children of your own?

This is a great point, and one that I am often asked. I may not have physically given birth to any children (yet!), but I have spend hundreds of hours with mothers who have only just given birth, talking about how they are feeling, changes in their relationships and all sorts of interesting chats. It is amazing how deep conversation gets when spending a day or night in someones home. I have also had exposure to hundreds of different families, which gives me a broad view of all sorts of problems and dilemmas.
I may not have my own children, but I believe that I have an incredibly sensitive understanding of what it means to be a parent.

What do you enjoy most about working as The Parent and Baby Coach?

My job gives me the most amazing feedback and a lot of the time I am helping give parents back their sanity, sleep, confidence and sometimes even relationships. Parenting is hard, and full of judgements, so to be that person to help a client create positive change for their whole family is such a special role. The messages I receive at the end of working with a client are just wonderful.

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Heidi Skudder, The Parent and Baby Coach and Baby Sleep Consultant