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Exhausted Mummies and Tantruming Toddlers….A Survival Guide…

Heidi Skudder Toddler Behaviour

Exhausted Mummies and Tantruming Toddlers…A Survival Guide to your child’s second year… For the first year of your little ones life, you were totally and utterly in awe of your cute little baby – who smiled and giggled on request and slept soundly during their lunch nap which meant you had time to catch up on chores and admin. All …

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Creating a Good Milk Supply for your Newborn….

Heidi Skudder Breastfeeding

In my role as a Parent and Baby Coach, I often work with Mum’s who are really struggling to get a grips with breastfeeding. In this blog I point out some of the common problems with milk supply and how to make sure that your baby gets a good start with breastfeeding…. Your baby is born with a need to …

Recent Testimonials from Clients…

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I often have clients ask, “Does this service really work?” or “How easily will my Baby Sleep though” – so by posting a few recent testimonials I can offer you concrete evidence that it really is possible to solve your problems and all you need is a little confidence in yourself, your baby and the support that you are receiving! …

Baby Sleep and Routine Workshop – Coming Soon

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Following huge demand, The Parent and Baby Coach is to launch a “Baby Sleep and Routine” Workshop for small group of parents wishing to come together to discuss their baby’s sleep and ways to help improve and get baby sleeping through the night. These friendly, informal workshops will help you get to grips with different methods of sleep training and …

Daddy-To-Be Workshops

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Starting on the first Saturday in March, held at Sammy Duder on Webbs Rd, SW11. Contact for more information and to book your place now!

Daddy-To-Be Workshops

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We have just confirmed that Sammy Duder will be the location of our new workshops for expectant Dads! So if you are expecting a baby this year and live in or around SW11, contact us for more information of how a three hour workshops could help change your confidence and approach to becoming an excellent father!