Your Baby or Toddler Sleep and Feeding Consultant, with advice and support options to meet all levels of need including a vast knowledge of Baby Reflux.

Baby and Toddler Sleep and Behaviour Parenting Packages

From antenatal, through birth and into the toddler years, Heidi offers expert advice and support on all areas of parenting for ages 0-4 years with a range of baby sleep consultant packages and parenting workshops from baby sleep to potty training.

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About Heidi

As a Parent Coach and Sleep Consultant, Heidi understands that the transition to parenthood can be a challenging time. She believes it can also be a very rewarding time with the right advice and by helping parents find solutions to any issues they face, Heidi hopes to inspire many more parents to have the confidence to bring up happy, healthy and positive children.

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Heidi Skudder - baby sleep consultant

Parenting Workshops

We hold two hour workshops in London, and online workshops which cover the following topics:

  • Connector.Connector.

    Baby Sleep & Routine

  • Connector.Connector.

    Baby Weaning

  • Connector.Connector.

    Baby Play & Development

  • Connector.Connector.

    Potty Training for Parents

  • Connector.Connector.

    Baby Massage

  • Connector.Connector.

    Toddler Sleep

  • Connector.Connector.

    Toddler Behaviour

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My work as a baby sleep consultant gives me the most amazing feedback and a lot of the time I am helping give parents back their sanity, sleep, confidence and sometimes even relationships.
Parenting is hard, and full of judgements, so to be that person to help a client create positive change for their whole family is such a special role.
The messages I receive at the end of working with a client are just wonderful.

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  • 🌟8 Months🌟and sitting! And what an 8 months it has been... It was only very recently when I was looking over his baby diaries that I realised what a tough old road we have been down... looking back I think I treated it as I would any client - let’s get the feeding/sleeping difficulties sorted and diagnose the problem at hand which for us was silent reflux and CMPA without really stopping to realise how much emotional and physical energy goes into dealing with an allergy baby. I also didn’t anticipate him reacting to all sorts of foods, some of even the most basic so restarting weaning all over again at 6.5 months was emotionally quite tough for me, being a massive food lover myself and keen on exposing babies to textures and tastes from the offset. Still 8 months in and we are on the up... He remains to be the smiliest baby, loving life and I am truly super lucky to be his Mummy. #8monthsold #luckymummy #babyboy #allergybaby #postnatal #postpartum #silentreflux #sleepingbaby #routines #mummy #mummyhood #parenting #parenthood #cute #instagram #instamummy
  • Most often than not, lack of sleep is caused by behavioural factors that we can make positive changes to easily. However sometimes it can be due to an underlying medical concern - mostly silent reflux and food allergies or intolerances... That’s why my consultations will always be comprehensive and look at all aspects of baby, including feeding and not just sleep. #babysleep #4monthold #silentreflux #cmpa #foodallergy #allergybaby #milkintolerance #babyboy #babygirl #parenting #mummy #daddy #baby #babysleepconstant #babysleeping #sleepdeprivation #londonmums #instamums #parenthood
  • My Baby Sleep Workshop is up for a Little London Award under “Best Class” and if you have attended the Sleep Workshop with in person or as a Webinar, I would LOVE it if you could spend just a few minutes voting for it!!! I would so love the Workshop to do well as it has helped so many hundreds of parents to date! Head to “Little London Awards” (link below) to vote! Thank you! #voting #babysleepworkshop #babysleep #littlelondinawards #littlelondon #babies #babysleepcoach #sleepconsultant #babysleepworkshoplondon #sleepwebinar
  • 🔅Mat Leave🔅 I didn’t take mat leave after Rupert was born and started taking on clients from week 3 onwards, being fully back to maximum capacity at around 10 weeks. I don’t really know any different other than to work in his naps, be behind on the housework and be doing work most evenings, missing out on sofa time with my hubby... But for the month of July I decided to take a month off, now he is nearly 8 months and wow it feels good! I still keep up with emails in his morning nap, but the rest of the time I feel like I have all the time in the world! Last week we beached, boated and swam. I’ve done three loads of washing this morning, taken him swimming, had lunch with friends AND napped in his lunch nap. We’re even tile shopping this afternoon 🤣 It might only be lasting another 3 weeks but it feels amazing to finally be on top of the house and be able to be a little be more creative with what we do each day rather than being tied to the house for his naps so that I can get my work done. It’s made me realise just how much of a juggle it’s been and I’ll be making sure to put plans into place to keep a little bit of this when things go back to full speed again at he end of July. How did you manage mat leave with working for yourself? #maternityleave #selfemployed #matleavelife #summertime #mumjuggle #parenting #parenthood #mumssupportingmums #workingfromhome #newbaby #postnatal #postpartum #maternitylife
  • If you’re wondering why it’s gone a little quiet over here, it’s because I have declared the month of July to be my “summer break”. I’ve been working non-stop since Rupert was 6 weeks old and although I manage to balance it in his nap times and evenings, plus two nanny mornings a week, I also then end up not getting anything done for myself or my poor husband AND not to mention the house! So July is about taking a step back....I am already getting bookings for end of July when I’m back up and running, but I’ll be focusing a little bit more on me for the next few weeks! This also means a ton of admin to get through, exciting projects that are underway AND those blogs that I’ve been promising you on Reflux! Watch this space... #summerbreak #sleep #babysleep #mummy #mummytime #timeaway #summertime #babyboy #littleguy #timeoff #parenting #parenthood #mumssupportingmums
  • We speak about “food on the go” in our Weaning classes and here is Little Rupert being a great example of eating out and about... tucking into cucumber sticks I had prepped at home, then a @mylittlepiccolo pouch too. We try our best to show our Parent’s in the course how easy it is to make homemade food as and where possible, but there are some occasions when a pouch is going to be your holy grail! (prime example here - on a boat in the middle of the ocean). We recommend several pouch brands on our course, come along to the next class to find out more! #weaning #foodonthego #weaningideas #babyledweaning #babyfood #babypouches #boatbaby #lunchtime #fingerfood #parentbabycoach #parenthood #summertime #mylittlepiccolo
  • 🥂Mummy Break!🥂After 7 months of up and down with digestive issues and going back to work at 3 weeks, I’m off for a four day girly break - no nappies, bottles or responsibilities in tow! I might not look like I’m grinning from ear to ear here and it’s a slightly forced smile, only because in the last 24 hours I’ve burst into tears four times over leaving my little man for what seems like forever but is really just four nights (he’s with family and he’ll be fine).The significance is more over a close of what has been a challenging 7 months (funny that I did think I’d have an easier ride given it’s literally my job!) - so much had happened and so much of it didn’t go the way I’d hoped (reflux, CMPA, Weaning issues), it’s been a difficult rollercoaster to ride at times. But “practice what you preach”, and I’m always telling my clients to go off and have fun, take advantage of family childcare if they can and have some time-out/self-care as it’s so important. So that’s what I shall do! Cannes here we come #daddydaycare #sisterdaycare #babyboy #reflux #cmpa #parenting #parentingchallenges #mummybreak #mummytime #selfcare #minibreak #holiday #newmummy #parenthood #postnatal #postpartum #firstyear #weaning #silentreflux
  • As we are coming to the end of Reflux Awareness month, I’ll be posting a series of blogs on Baby Reflux. Today’s blog talks about diagnosis and symptoms to look out for... Tomorrow I’ll explain all about treatment and management of Reflux. Link in Bio #reflux #refluxbaby #babyreflux #parenting #newparent #baby #feeding #breastfeeding #bottlefeeding #postpartum #postnatal #silentreflux
  • This is the face of the most resilient and contented little baby who let us drag him around Devon without letting on that he actually had both ear infections and a throat infection too 😱 Aside from a temperature on and off, he continued to smile his way through our days out. Nights were horrendous -to be expected and hence why we finally decided he had to see a Dr - just as well we did too (although wishing we had gone on night one and not waited for 3 nights)💪🏻 It’s amazing how much a little person of his size can deal with whilst still managing a smile. When he had reflux and allergies, it always showed in his sleep rather than anywhere else, which meant at times it was difficult to be taken seriously with a super chilled and chubby baby in my arms telling Dr’s yes he does have reflux and milk intolerance! This experience just reconfirms for me that when a baby knows how to sleep well from early on, it really is an excellent way of telling if anything else is up later down the line. If he wasn’t a good sleeper, I may have just thought he didn’t like the travel cot and was teething with a bit of a temperature. So one holiday cut short and one poorly baby on the mend with antibiotic ear spray 👌🏼 and another lesson learnt to trust your instincts #Parenting #parenthood #babyboy #holiday #poorlybaby #resilientbaby #contentedbaby #sleepingbaby #boatday #boatbaby #parentinglesson #lifelessons #reflux #refluxbaby #sunshine #happysunday #trustyourinstincts
  • My Toddler Behaviour Workshop is Back! 👏🏻Link in Bio to Booking. Come along and hear all about positive parenting techniques to boost your little ones confidence and self-esteem. We’ll talk Tantrums, saying No, discipline and all sorts of other things too, with a heavy focus on setting up a positive home environment. For all of those with toddlers ages 1-3 or for those wishing to prepare with babies from 9 months, this is for you! #toddlers #toddlerbehaviour #terribletwos #terribleones #workshop #toddlerbehaviourworkshop #parenting #parents #parenthood #toddlerhood
  • When you’ve been looking forward to your family mini break in Devon since forever and then for the first 24 hours your little is struck down with a 39 degree fever 😩 No dipping toes in the Sea for us today. Here’s hoping for a quick turnaround and more than 2 hours sleep tonight. Being a poorly baby is tough, being a poorly baby’s mummy on holiday is not so fun either #parenting #holidays #babyboy #ohdear #holidayfail #mummy #newmum #postnatal #postpartum #devon #sendwine #sleepdeprived #babyboy #rememberwhenwecouldgoout #ipadandbed #earlynight
  • New Baby Sleep Workshop Dates Available! Thank you for all of your messages and emails asking when the next workshop is...apologies for the delay in organising this but very happy to announce that the Baby Sleep Workshop will be back later in the year! Spaces are limited so booking now (visit website - link in Bio!). Look forward to meeting lots of new parents and helping everyone gain a full night’s sleep again. Suitable for babies newborn through to 16 months! #babysleep #babysleepworkshop #babysleeping #sleepingbaby #sleepdeprivation #babysleepconsultant #sleepconsultant #sleepsupport #routines #sleepshaping #sleeptraining #mumssupportingmums #informedisbest #nojudgments